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Together with our partners, we have crafted key solutions that will enable our clients innovate and advance in their individualized road-map of transformation


If your business believes technology plays a key role to its evolution, then BlueHOST service is for you. The services aims at reducing both capital and operational cost for running key day to day business applications. Working with our consultants, we will structure a suitable outsourcing and managed services portfolio to help improve your business with confidence and deep technical know how. BlueHOST takes all HW, SW and IT ManPOWER headache from you so you can focus on your business. Think of it as an extension of your team. Deliver Results with CONFIDENCE


Almost every large organization has a CHANNEL. Our job is to improve the branch or channel efficiency. We look at the channel strategy and insert technology into areas that will leap frog it with deep business-centric innovation. From Governments, Banks, Petrol Stations, Schools, Telecoms to NGOs that operate in a distributed way requires some form of technology. Today, channels elements such as POS, ATM, Tablets, Radios, Fibre, Agent/Merchant Store requires retooling. BlueCHANNELS provides a bespoke solution that allows you to focus on your business outcomes whiles we innovate the channel ecosystem. Contact us for more information about how to design and architect a distributed organization.


One of the major delays in projects is doing trial & errors or poor design and/or project delivery. BlueSPACE has built its strategy to prevent these costly challenges. We pride ourselves in offering our clients access to demonstration LABS, Cloud workspaces and test beds as well as a well structured POC – Proof of Concept for practically all our IT projects given clear outlines of what success looks like. Locally, BlueSPACE believes the BlueLABs offering will allow AFRICA to move from theory to practicals whiles building talent capacity to execute on large projects. This also helps SHAPE your Request For – Quote, Information and Proposal (RFQ, RFI and RFP) respectively. Lets collaborate to create a bespoke LAB environment for any USE CASE your business is evaluating.


Every 15-18 months, technology evolves. As a result, companies are forced to refresh their systems which comes at high capital expenditures. BlueSPACE has created a new niche to help technology companies such as DELLEMC, Hitachi, Oracle, SAP, Nokia, Alepo, Schlumberger, Palo Alto Networks, Cisco, Fortinet, Infor and many other to review how technology is consumed in Emerging Africa. Being a thought leader in Cloud and Data Center Strategies as well as Business applications, BlueSPACE working with its funding partners can not ONLY provide technology selection but financing to ensure projects are accelerate and time to value is optimized. BlueSPACE Blue TechCAPITAL is also a interested in key innovative startup companies as well as Technology Based mergers and Acquisitions in the region. We help you deploy technology cost effectively. Call us to explore what’s possible with your current IT projects or new ones.