You give us the task of RUNNING I.T whiles you focus on RUNNING your business


Helps organizations deploy world class information management technologies using cost correct model and accelerate time to value and also focus on their core businesses


BlueHOST is an enterprise fintech Software-As-A-Service DATA CENTER platform.

It is a collocation offering as well as a TEST & DEV ready IT Infrastructure covering applications, servers, storage, and network stacks for clients whose aim is to simplify IT software acquisition and reduce IT infrastructure.

BlueHOST is an enterprise platform for mission critical application delivery with the aim of reducing cost whiles speeding time to market and ensuring 9999.9% availability of services. With BlueHOST, we can provide more than 40% economic advantages over traditional software deployment models.

 BlueHOST Architecture

BlueHOST Architecture

You give us the task of RUNNING I.T whiles you focus on RUNNING your business

Why BlueHOST?

Revenue Improvement

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to accelerate time to value and improve their revenues, increase efficiencies and reduce risk of information loss.

Cost Reduction

Companies aim to lower the cost of information technology delivery. BlueHOST provides more than 40% economic advantages over traditional software deployment models.

Latest Technology

Companies don’t have huge capex to acquire technology and constant refresh cycles every 36 months

Data Assurance

Companies want to have data assurance, that no matter what happens, their information assets are safe and accessible.

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