Practice Areas

Areas we excel the most - as shown by the BlueSPACE triangle

Core Areas

Where our strength lies

Driving Social Impact & Sustainable Technological Developments Across Africa

Digital Infrastructure

WE deliver end-to-end solutions that spans building of Tier3/4 data centers, cloud readiness, servers farms, virtualization, storage, networking, software and services that enable customers to drive results, create competitive advantage and expand their opportunities.

Value Added Services & Innovation

BlueSPACE believes that strategic banks in Africa with adequate financial muscle can bring tremendous value to the unbanked. With their efforts working with respective central banks, we can provide a massive network of branchless banking or otherwise known as agency banking to the tune of 500,000 Branchless Agents across the sub-Saharan using ONLY 2G SIM CARD for ALL transactions.

Operational Business Software

We have built a solid reputation in enabling financial institutions of all sizes and jurisdictions deliver value for money and optimized business applications delivered either as private cloud, public cloud or on-premise. Each operational business solution we offer is carefully tailored towards the needs of your company.


A Case for Enterprise Fintech

$5 Billion

100K merchant network to enable banks/insurance firms deliver services without building new branches and reach 10M new customers within Retail Banking amassing deposit flow of 5B USD /5yrs

$1 Billion

Opportunity to help banks/insurance firms reduce  capital expenditure in building operational  systems across onboarding, payments, treasury, cash, data center and cloud systems

$50 Billion

Potential to drive  local and cross boarder payments and lending  solutions for corporate/commercial customers across Africa.


If you want to go far, Go Together!