Application Performance Management

Detect and diagnose complex application performance problems


Application performance management (APM) is the monitoring and management of performance and availability of software applications. APM strives to detect and diagnose complex application performance problems to maintain an expected level of service. APM is “the translation of IT metrics into business meaning.

Today, businesses are using APM to connect app performance and the customer experience to business outcomes. APM tracks the behavior of components, such as physical hardware, virtual machines where applications reside, JVM executing the application environment, web containers, associated databases, caches, external web services, and the code running the application itself. APM also provides detailed insight into the end-user experience, helping you understand the quality of service you’re providing to your customers. By monitoring applications and tracking customer behavior,AppDynamics APM can alert stakeholders of any issues related to key Business Transactions — like a broken checkout link that could impact revenue or a slow login page that’s hurting customer experience. With AppDynamics,businesses are alerted to application performance issues in real time, allowing business owners to fix the problem before it hurts the company’s bottom line.

By using the best practices laid out here, you’ll become an expert at making the optimal use of AppDynamics APM. You’ll prevent damage to your organization’s reputation and delight customers with outstanding performance.

Our Approach

We use intelligent data collection to identify troubling business transaction and ensures a low overhead.

We get many questions about our analytics-driven Application Performance Management (APM) collection and analysis technology. Specifically, people want to know how we capture so much detailed information while maintaining such low overhead levels. The short answer is, our agents are intelligent and know when to capture every gory detail (the full call stack) and when to only collect the basics for every transaction. Using an analytics-driven approach, AppDynamics is able to provide the highest level of detail to solve performance issues during peak application traffic times

AppDynamics’ APM solution monitors, baselines and reports on the performance of every single transaction flowing through your application. However, unlike other APM solutions that got their start in development environments, ours was built for production, which requires a more agile approach to capturing transaction details.

Diagnose you Application Performance issues today.

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