Public & Private Cloud

Delivering end-to-end solutions that help businesses expand opportunities

Reduce infrastructure cost by 40% using private & hybrid clouds with enhanced Cyber Security & AI


BlueSPACE knows that any building without a solid foundation will collapse in a matter of time. As a result, we are applying techniques that architects and civil engineers leverage to the world of I.T. We are building against Blueprints and Reference Architectures which have been tried and tested with innovative solutions from leading technology companies such as Hitachi, DellEMC, VMWare, Microsoft, AWS- Our global partners.

WE deliver end-to-end solutions that span the construction of Tier3/4 data centers, cloud readiness, server farms, virtualization, storage, networking, software and services that enable customers to drive results, create competitive advantage and expand their opportunities.

Cost-Correct IT solutions impact both CAPEX and OPEX, which in-turn affects the bottom line. BlueSPACE will work with your IT organization to explore options that best fit your business priorities and cut waste and inefficiencies out of the business.


What we offer under Public & Private Cloud


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